“Warsaw Uprising”,
dir. Jan Komasa

Golden Reel 2015

“Miasto 44”,
dir. Jan Komasa

Gdynia 2014

„Sala Samobójcow”,
dir. Jan Komasa

Orzeł 2014

dir. Jan Kamiński

Orzeł 2012

dir. Władysław Pasikowski

Orzeł 2008

dir. Dorota Kędzierzawska

Gdynia 2005

Golden Reel 2015
Gdynia 2014
Orzeł 2014
Orzeł 2012
Orzeł 2008
Gdynia 2005

About the studio...

On the menu there are ideas – suggestive, ingenious, yet the service is fast. Results are not to be awaited for long – as is coffee in a bistro. We work efficiently and simply enjoy each other’s company.

We are one of the most valued sound postproduction studios in Poland. We have been in business since 1999. In our team we gather exceptional producers, sound engineers, sound directors and composers.

We cooperate with production houses, advertising agencies, Polish and international corporations. We do television and radio commercials, feature films, documentaries and cartoons.

In four, state of the art, studios we share our knowledge and experience. During the production process we strive to keep the creative sensibility, which allows us to be as far from acting in a standard way as possible.

As for the coffee, we have it often while eagerly listening to the sound of music and voice and our Clients.

Always trying to find the most appropriate yet ingenious solution. Cos’ to us, all is a matter of taste... and sound.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you. Have Cafe Ole with us!


Feature films and international projects

Jagna Pilczuk
+48 606 608 101


Zuza Maj
+48 509 362 335
Roksana Dziadek
+48 504 158 276



Bukowińska 22/3b
02-703 Warsaw
+ 48 22 644 43 65

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